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A special thanks to the people who were a huge part of recording this album. Thanks for all your hard work! Below is the list of people who were a part of making this album happen.

Scott Cornish - vocals / trombone / bass

Austin Collins - vocals / guitar

Zack Faltinowski - guitar

Bennett Stofer - bass

Nathan Lee - trumpet

Ben Middleton - alto sax

Jay Boccacci - mixing (My Own Pride, Take This Life, How Could You, Master of Disguise, Faithful ‘til the End, Battle Cry)

Olivier Hakizimana - organ / mixing (Why Should I Believe, Lead Our Minds, White Horse, The Savior Will Stand, Faith That Can Change the World, In Our Place)

These are original songs by Scott Cornish which also include texts from Charles and John Wesley, as well as portions of text from different Psalms and Proverbs.

Thanks for checking out my newest album. It was recorded over the last 3 years in Louisville, KY and St. Louis, MO.