Here we have the official music video of 'Jingle Bells' by the Fayetteville Ska Alliance, as well as a live performance of 'Deck the Halls' at our CD release party in December of 2012. 

Fayetteville Ska Alliance - Merry, Happy, Jolly, Good Time

This project was a compilation of numerous bands and musicians, in addition to being a compilation of different classic Christmas songs and some newly written original Christmas songs.  This was released on December of 2012 with all proceeds donated to Spay Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR.  


Imagine, if you will, writing a punk/ska song for a Christmas album.  Then imagine having a friend re-arrange that song for piano and choir.  That friend then found a choir to perform it at a Christmas concert.  Below is precisely that.  Enjoy! 

fsa sleigh ride.png

Fayetteville Ska Alliance - Sleigh Ride

After a few years, we were hungry to work on another Christmas tune, so this is what we came up with.  This came out in December of 2015.