apologetic instruction.jpg

Apologetic Instruction - Self Titled

This EP was recorded in Fayetteville, AR in 2009 and was my first solo project.  Writing and recording these songs was like an itch that needed to be scratched.  It was fun to do, but I don't plan on doing anything quite like it again.  

2008 Hustles the Hall.JPG

Hustles the Hall - Don’t Know Any Better

This band formed immediately as Six Hung Sprung was winding down. We recorded this full length album in 2008 after recording in Northwest Arkansas.

2006 Six Hung Sprung 2.jpg

Six Hung Sprung - A Start of Something New

This is the second album from Six Hung Sprung, released in early 2006. Personally, this is my favorite album of all the bands I’ve gotten to be a part of over the years. I included some of the songs here.

2004 Six Hung Sprung 1.jpg

Six Hung Sprung - Beautiful Noise

I joined Six Hung Sprung in college after being a big fan of theirs for a couple years. The first first full length album from that group that was recorded in Northwest Arkansas and released in 2004. Here are a few songs from that album.

2002 Fullproof.JPG

Fullproof - Self Titled

I recorded my first album when I was 17 years old.  It was recorded in the fall of 2001 in Tulsa, OK and was released in March of 2002.  This was what originally got me into song-writing and was my first experience doing so.  I'm still proud of what we were able to put together as inexperienced teenagers.